Standard service - a fixed amount of work that is performed at a fixed price.  Post Service




SAP Module :SAP PI
Hourly Rate :30 $
Company name:maximetit
SAP Module :SAP PI Hourly Rate :30 $ Company name:maximetit
“Teams will get smarter and faster”: A conversation with Eli Manning

For the last three years, IBM has worked with two-time champion Eli Manning to help…

Foundational models at the edge

Foundational models (FMs) are marking the beginning of a new era in machine learning (ML)…

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Grayscale Investments подала заявку на запуск фьючерсного ETF на Ethereum

20.09.2023Петр Иванов #Ethereum (ETH)#Grayscale Investments#SEC#Регулирование#Фондовый рынок Grayscale Investments направила в SEC предложение о запуске биржевого…

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