Standard service - a fixed amount of work that is performed at a fixed price.  Post Service


When was the last time you looked over existing access policies in your cloud account? It’s very likely that it is not on your regular tasks (yet), but it should

In our hundreds of generative AI engagements with clients around the world, enterprises are trying to balance massive value creation with risk mitigation—and they face a shortage of the necessary

In a recent trend, many organizations are opting to store their sensitive data in the cloud. Others choose to keep their sensitive data on-premises or even across multiple types of

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, organizations need to ensure their cloud infrastructure is not only efficient and scalable but also compliant with various regulatory standards. IBM Cloud provides a powerful

Organizations today require every employee, application and process to work in coordination to produce value. Organizations increasingly depend on their technology stack—which comprises the totality of their network interfaces, CPUs,

Tuesday, 01 August 2023 12:00

How conversational AI can transform IT support

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My name is Michael, and I am a senior at New York University (NYU). Throughout my time in college, I’ve worked numerous part-time jobs to help cover the ever-rising costs

Over the years, chatbots have become seamlessly integrated in our day-to-day lives — in our homes, on our phones, on social media or in apps for shopping online, healthcare, customer

Tuesday, 01 August 2023 12:02

How chatbots improve human resource operations

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Today’s HR departments struggle to efficiently manage human resource operations and routine tasks, wasting time daily answering employees’ FAQs in the absence of a self-service system. When

In this AI and digital age, customer expectations have evolved. Customers increasingly expect instant gratification: personalized, accurate answers faster and easier than ever before. They don’t want to fill out

In our first blog post in this series on debunking observability myths, we focused on the myth that “You can skip monitoring and rely solely on logs.