Standard service - a fixed amount of work that is performed at a fixed price.  Post Service


With the average cost of a data breach soaring to an all-time high at USD $4.45 million dollars in 2023, organizations face an ever-increasing

Связанный с инвестиционным фондом DeFi-проекта 1Inch кошелек приобрел 6088 ETH (~$10 млн). На это обратили внимание аналитики Lookonchain.

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Macmillan Publishers is a global publishing company and one of the “Big Five” English language publishers. If you’re a reader, chances are good you’ve read a book

Sunday, 27 August 2023 13:04

A beginner’s guide to automation and AIOps

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If you’re ready to expand—or even start—your automation and AIOps strategy, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post is ripe with practical next steps that

With nearly 5 billion users worldwide—more than 60% of the global population—social media platforms have become a vast source of data that businesses can leverage for improved

Материнская компания сервиса подписки на контент OnlyFans — Fenix International — в период с 2021 по 2022 годы инвестировала $19,9 млн во вторую

Planning and managing your cloud ecosystem and environments is critical for reducing production downtime and maintaining a functioning workload. In the “Managing your cloud ecosystems” blog series, we cover different

Инвестиционная компании ARK Invest и провайдер криптовалютных ETP 21Shares подали заявку на запуск двух биржевых фондов (ETF) на базе Ethereum-фьючерсов.


For disaster-prone areas, fragile connectivity remains a major problem, often going offline in critical moments. Aerospace enterprises face a similar challenge when trying to run consistent high-altitude connectivity while operating

Wednesday, 23 August 2023 10:40

MDM vs. MAM: Top 5 differences

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It looks like an easy day for James, an IT Administrator. It is vacation time and most of his end users are out of the office, so he thinks it